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Here’s how you can help those in need of transportation to thrive!


Become A  Partner

  • Partner as an employer providing jobs.
  • Partner by making a generous donation to assist with operations and ongoing fuel costs.


Help Spread The Word

  • Inform the non-profit and public organizations you know to continue our ability to meet the needs of riders and employers.


Change A Life

  • Enable those in need to work and provide a better life for themselves and those they love.

The main focus of my position is to connect employers to refugees and vice-versa. However, between the two there are barriers that often make these connections difficult or nearly impossible. One barrier that is often identified during conversations with employers throughout Iowa is the lack of transportation. Often places of employment are located far from job seekers’ homes. Public transportation is not adequate or available.

Job Rides’ purpose helps eliminate the lack of transportation and enhances quality of life for underserved populations by making the connection to quality employment a reality.


Edgar Ramirez

Workforce Liaison, Bureau for Refugees – Iowa Department of Health and Human Services

Job Rides has been a lifesaver for us at Dee Zee.  We can’t thank Bill and his team enough for seeing that there was a need for a program like this in the Des Moines area.  We have been working closely with Refugee Services throughout Des Moines to provide arriving refugees with job opportunities.  These employees have become amazing assets to our company, but after a few months if they do not have a license and car, they have no way to get to work due to no longer being eligible for transportation through government services.  Job Rides found a solution that we are incredibly grateful for, as are our employees.  It gives these individuals more time to get acclimated to the area until they are able to get a license and transportation for themselves.  A huge thank you to Bill and his team for being so helpful and easy to work with, while providing such an essential program to our area.  Without this program, we would lose a lot of incredible staff.



Sarah C. Tighe, MA

Talent Recruiter

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